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Music Technology Area: Courses


The Music Technology Curriculum consists of eight upper-division 3-credit courses. Each term, two Music Technology courses are offered. The whole curriculum recycles every four semesters. The first four introductory courses take place in the MIDI Lab. The next four advanced courses are taught in the Computer Music Studio. Since computer programming is one of the two pillars on which this curriculum is based, one programming course is offered each term (indicated here with a P). Note that only MUTK 4113, 4133, and 4183 don't require a prerequisite. You can click on the title of each course to download its most recent syllabus.


Order of Courses

First Semester (starting at fall of every even year)

MUTK 4113 Undesrstanding Electroacoustic Music. Music appreciation type of class dealing with the History, Aesthetics, Literature, Perception Theories and Analysis of Electroacoustic Music.

MUTK 4133 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing (P). Lab class introducing students to the theory and techniques of Sound Synthesis, Sampling and Delay lines using MaxMSP.


Second Semester

MUTK 4163 Real Time MIDI Control (P). Music Performance data capturing, analysis, storing, and live processing through MIDI. Algorithmic composition, improvisation environments, and motion sensors, using MaxMSP.

MUTK 4183 Sound Design. Introduction to MIDI sequencing and basic digital audio editing and mixing techniques through Pro Tools.


Third Semester (starting at fall of every odd year)

MUTK 4143 Advanced Digital Signal Processing (P). Learning the Theory and design of various plug-ins (sound effects) such as: variable delay lines (flanger, chorus, harmonizer), multi-tap delays (reverb, echoes), granular sampling, and FFT algorithms (noise reduction, convolution, spectral masking, etc), mostly through MaxMSP.

MUTK 4173 Recording Techniques. Learning about the microphone types and placements, mixing board operations, recording session procedures, and mastering, using Pro Tools.


Fourth Semester

MUTK 4153 Interactive Performance Techniques (P). Project based course dealing with the theory and techniques of performer-computer interaction by using MaxMSP. Pitch and envelope tracking, developing modules, virtual scores, etc. The students are asked to compose a piece for solo instrument and real-time computer interaction, which they will present during the inner sOUndscapes concert.

MUTK 4970 Seminar in Electroacoustic Music. Seminar type of course of variable topics. The topics are decided upon the students' interests and may include composition of electroacoustic music, analysis, sound/video synchronization, real-time video processing, electroacoustic music discourse among others.