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Music Technology Area: inner sOUndscapes


Inner sOUndscapes is an annual Festival at OU dedicated to various genres of Electroacoustic Music, such as Acousmatic, Interactive, Laptop Improvisation, and Multimedia. The Festival consists of two to three concerts in the Pitman Recital Hall each spring semester. Typically, one concert is dedicated to the students of the Music Technology Area and their works. Seminal compositions of the literature are presented during another concert, and finally an invited composer of national, or international reputation performs his/her compositions in a separate recital.


We are delighted to delighted to announce the next inner sOUndscapes guest artists, in conjunction with NSEME 2016. Elizabeth McNutt and Andrew May will be featured in inner sOUndscapes I/pre-conference concert, and Panayiotis Kokoras will be the keynote speaker in inner sOUndscapes II/NSEME Concert 3. More specifically:


inner sOUndscapes I in March 24th
inner sOUndscapes II in March 25th
inner sOUndscapes III in April 16th


Past inner sOUndscapes guests include: Patti Cudd, Benjamin Broening, Jon Nelson, Andrew May and Elizabeth McNutt, Cort Lippe, David Bithell and Christopher Burns, Eric Honour, Keith Kirchoff, Barry Moon, and Elainie Lillios.


Click the following links to download past inner sOUndscapes program notes and posters (pdf).


    Program Notes Posters  
  Fall 2015 PN Poster  
  Spring 2015 PN1 PN2 Poster  
  Fall 2014 PN   
  Spring 2014 PN2 PN3  Poster  
  Fall 2013 PN1 PN2 Poster  
  Spring 2013 PN  
  Fall 2012 PN1 Poster  
  Spring 2012 PN1 PN2 Poster  
  Spring 2011 PN1 PN2 Poster  
  Spring 2010 PN1 PN2 Poster  
  Fall 2009 PN  
  Spring 2009 PN1 PN2 Poster  
  Spring 2008 PN Poster  
  Spring 2007 PN1 PN2 PN3  
  Fall 2006 PN Poster